WFFPD Flood Response:

Posted on August 22, 2016

WFFPD Flood Response:
Firefighters and emergency medical personnel for Fire Protection District No. 1 are ramping operations down to normal levels following the most significant flooding anyone can remember in West Feliciana Parish.  The Fire District responded to more than 30 emergency calls on Friday 8/12 and Saturday 8/13  Emergency calls ranged from medical calls, a structure fire, fire alarms, vehicle accidents, evacuations and water rescues. 
In two separate rescues, firefighters entered swift water to rescue a trapped victim.  On Camp Marydale Road, a 10 year old boy was swept off the road by fast moving water.  The boy was able to cling to a tree in the fast moving water until firefighters arrived.  Members of the Fire District trained in water rescue were able to send a swift water rescue tech into the water to rescue the boy.  In another rescue a disabled man had water entering his home and was unable to escape due to the water depth and rate of moving water.  Firefighters utilized the Fire District’s 5 ton brush truck to forge the deep water and reach the man. 
Firefighters evacuated numerous residents from Turner Subdivision and off Flower Hill Road.  Using the District’s brush truck, firefighters were able to travel through high water to pick residents up and transport them to high ground where firefighters and sheriff’s deputies could bring them to shelters.  Firefighters also responded to several calls involving downed trees.  A vehicle became trapped on Sligo Road when trees fell across the road and prevented the car from leaving.  On Parker road firefighters responded to a tree that fell on a house with the residents inside.  Firefighters extinguished a small fire in a home, performed numerous emergency management duties, sand bagged a house, manned fire stations when the cellular telephone system failed and made special provisions for fire protection and emergencies on Jacock Road.
Members of Fire Protection District No. 1 worked tirelessly throughout the response.  Many of duties performed were carried out by volunteer members of the Fire Protection District.  In addition to these activities, Fire Protection District No. 1 assisted other agencies in East Baton Rouge and Livingston in the days following the waters receding in West Feliciana.  

James R. Wood, Fire Chief

Fire Protection District No. 1

West Feliciana Parish

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