Boards & Commissions


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that during a regular meeting of the Parish Council of the Parish of West Feliciana, to be held on January 9, 2017 at Five-Thirty (5:30) p.m. at its regular meeting place, the Council will consider applicants to fill vacancies and/or openings on the following Boards and/or Commissions:

Candidates who wish to serve shall submit for review a statement of interest along with a resume that indicates qualifications for the position by Wednesday, January 4th to: Council Secretary, P.O. Box 1921, St. Francisville, LA 70775. For more information, please call (225) 635-3864. BY ORDER OF THE CHAIRPERSON /s/Rolanda J. Robinson, Council Secretary

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911 District

Board of Adjustment

Economic Development Board

Fire Protection District

Gas Utility District

Hospital Board

Library Board

Planning & Zoning Board

Port Commission

Tourism Commission