Planning & Zoning

Zoning Map

Jim Ferguson Director/Administrator

Sally Snowden, Permit Specialist

The Planning department provides a full-time office to better serve the the residents of West Feliciana Parish. This office will address land use situations and subdivision regulations and verify compliance with the Subdivision Regulations and Comprehensive Land Use Plan. We will soon have a GIS system in place to provide updated mapping information.

Mission Statement

The Planning department strives to uphold and implement the vision of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, through planned development. In doing, so we help West Feliciana Parish to:

Preserve our heritage

Manage our character

Ensure the upgrade and maintenance of our infrastructure

Ensure the creation of good jobs

Ensure the sustaining of a sound tax base

Planning & Zoning Board

Planning & Zoning Documents

P&Z Ordinance (Revised April 2014)

Pre-application Conference Request

Application-Board of Adjustment

Application-Rezoning Request

Application-Zoning Variance

Application-Zoning Verification

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