Economic Development

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Content Coming Soon: pro-business attitude, location, transportation and utility infrastructure, climate, quality of life and business incentive programs (link to the state econ dev website), natural gas and product pipelines, U S Hwy 61  and I-10, BTR and NO airports, Mississippi River/ B R Port, limited flood zones 

Quality of Life

We live in the most beautiful place in Louisiana with a quality of life that is the envy of our neighbors throughout the state. As Mayor D'Aquilla said on TV a few years ago, "There are two kinds of Louisianians, those who live in West Feliciana and those who wished they did."

Wonderful People

Perhaps because they are drawn to live among tranquil beauty, the families that have lived here forever and our new neighbors are genuinely kind and caring in a way that many communities have now lost.

Great Schools

A legacy of West Feliciana's recent past is our commitment to excellence and diversity in our school system. This is our top priority.  Now and in the future we will continue to do what it takes to keep our school system on top.


West Feliciana is on the southernmost portion of the Mississippi River not bound by levees. A focal point of industrial transportation, the river links North-South and East-West highways and soon to the regional rail system scheduled to resume service in 2017.


Tourism is both an important element of our economy on its own and the principal method by which we get others to think about West Feliciana as a place to live, work and do business.  It is critical that we maintain and improve and expand our tourism industry